Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It's was a slow start all the late summer night were over and there you were trying to sleep in. Off course that pair off shoe you said were great 3 days befor had gotten to small already!! So we ran around for another pair to put on for the befor giving in to the crack's.  We made it to the school and off you were running and playing with old friends. You said good bye with a smile and a kiss as i went to cry.

When i came to pick you up you had a new silly smile. That tooth the one thats been holding on all summer  IT WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your first tooth on the first day in grade 1. WOW!! made me think just how big you are getting and how fast its all gone.

It was early to bed but not befor some water works over the tooth fairy taking that tooth. "i dont want her to take it. Will she take it if i hide it?" then it doned on you "If i dont put it under my pillow will she still give me money??????????????" You wrote a nice note asking her to not take you tooth and if just maybe you could still leave something for have a look at it.

sweet dreams Peyton
love mommy

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